What is Hope For Her Heart?


 The purpose of this blog ministry: Hope for Her Heart, is just exactly what it means. Simple truths that give hope to women and girls everywhere. Who is she? Whose heart is being sustained by hope? She is the insecure teenager girl, who is shy and insecure about her beauty and her potential, or she is the rebellious girl who likes to push the limits and bend the rules but really wants some type of structure. She is the Christian church girl, who’s always been labeled a “goody goodie” and has trouble having grace upon herself but pours grace on others. There are young girls at middle and high school age that are in the midst of trying to find their identity, finding out who they are supposed to be but most importantly who God created them to be. She is the single mom, the stay at home mom, the working mom, the lonely widow or divorced woman, the pastor’s wife, the single woman, the young college girl, the career woman. Hope, here is something for every woman at every stage in their life. Encouragement for the struggling single mom trying balance things and make ends meet. Comfort for the lonely and brokenhearted widow or divorced woman. Peace and advice for the busy mom of a toddler and teenager. Hope for dreams of the future of a college/career young woman. Wisdom and comfort from and for a seasoned, elderly woman full of perspective. Every woman has worth, and needs encouragement, for SHE is a princess, a daughter of the King. This is HOPE FOR HER HEART.


My goal is to one day turn this into a non-profit ministry and charity organization for women and girls everywhere to experience HOPE and to have an impact on each from all walks of life, backgrounds, and ages. An organization for mothers, daughters, grandmas, aunts, nieces, sisters and friends to join together, volunteer and help benefit other women and girls hurting and in need. I would love to eventually one day build a home office headquarters to run operations from and create a safe haven, women’s shelter and career/counseling center. One step at a time, in God’s grace.

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