A Little Hope Filled Update

Hey there friends! This post is a little like a newsletter just for you! I have all kinds of exciting new ideas and a fresh vision for Hope For Her Heart and some more news about She Matters Journal!

So you’re probably wondering when you were going to read another blog post from H4HH, well they are back! I do apologize for the unintentional sabbatical, but we’re picking up right where we left off with the Women of the Word series! The first of the series was “Eve: The Nature of Womankind, The Life-Giving Mother”. The latest piece is about two women are a little bit of a “compare and contrast”: one story, two wives, and two different perspectives. The newest blog “Sarah and Hagar: When Jealously Makes its Plan, Promise vs. Compromise”. The next one is a two-part segment “The Matriarchs: Women Birthed a Nation” in the works is also about three women: “Rebekah: A Mother’s Mischief and A Brother’s Deceit”, a mama who picked favorites between her sons and helped her son Jacob steal his twin brother’s birthright. The other women are Jacob’s two wives who happen to be sisters, “Rachel & Leah: A Tale of Two Sisters-Love & Duty “. If you get a chance, pop on over to “like” or “follow” our social media pages: Facebook & Pinterest ( search Hope For Her Heart Ministry), Twitter (@hope4herheart) and Instagram (@hopeforherheart). I also have a lot of new ideas and fresh perspectives, you’ll just have to wait and see! I would like to ask you ladies for your input, what are some topics and discussions you would like to see on Hope For Her Heart? Leave a comment on this post or email me at heatherhopeforherheart@gmail.com.

Lately, it has been super, crazy busy in life….sometimes a tiny bit overwhelming but the Lord is my strength! Since February, I was promoted to Assistant Director at the childcare center I work at. It has kept me extremely busy the past six months without a lot of training and hands-on learning. I have lost tow dear family members, my cousin Crystal in a car accident and my Uncle Earl in August to a long battle with cancer. In February we gained a new pastor at my home church. Since, April I have had the honor and blessing of being the Children’s Director at my church. Also, I’ve been helping plan a baby shower for my newest niece, Ava due to arrive in September, co-planning with my bestie Phyllis, a bridal shower for one of our dearest and best childhood friends, Joanna getting married in December, being a bridesmaid in my nephew’s wedding, (4 weddings between to attend from September-December!) helping out with VBS at church with Kailey & Kelsey, and also working with She Matters Journal (more about that in a minute!), and of course spending time with my family, friends, and my sweetheart Wes. I have not stopped writing, I’ve been working on material little bits at a time when inspiration comes. This season of life has also been so full of every emotion: from over the moon happy, joy, laughter through tears, stress, struggles, lessons, busyness, quiet time of restoring my soul, and so many answered prayers and so much goodness!

So, let me tell you about She Matters Journal. My cousin (more like a sister really) Bridgett started a subscription box a little over a year ago called She Matters Box-a monthly box of goodies and devotional gifts to help women grow in their relationship with Christ. Fast forward a year later, the “box” has now reformed and evolved into a quarterly journal called She Matters Journal. The very first fall issue is on the website now! You can order yours or gift someone you love with one. I have the blessing of working with a team talented and beautiful women: Bridgett Martin, Megan Goff, Erica Peake, Shannon Nicks, Danielle Morris, Marianne Martin, Lindsay Lybrand and now Katie Watson. Many stories of hope, testimonies, strategic bible study and journaling tips to dig deeper in the Word as well as plenty of space to answer reflection questions, and journal your thoughts and prayers. Order yours at http://www.shemattersjournal.com as well as cute shirts and tote bags!

There are so many ideas, hopes, dreams, and visions I have for Hope For Her Heart- the bigger picture. As I mentioned in my last blog article “There She Goes Dreaming…Again”, when you let God take hold of your dreams in His hands, He makes them bigger than you would’ve imagined. So, pray with me along this journey and tag along for the ride! I’m so thankful for each and every single one of you sisters!

-Love, Heather